b'Securing the Environment for the FutureAs climates change and more people become eco-conscious, the need to examine our impact on the environment grows. Here are four Greenwood grads who have chosen to work in fields related to sustainability.p KRISTEN ELDER 13Kristen is the Bike Education Instructor Manager at HUB Cycling in Vancouver, BC. HUB is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to removing barriers to cycling in Metro Vancouver while cultivating the health, environmental, and economic benefits of active transportation.Shortly after she graduated from the University of Guelph, Kristen was invited on a cross-Canada road trip heading to Vancouverand she didnt need much convincing to say yes. Although I didnt know much about Vancouver, I knew it was surrounded by water, trees, mountains and bicycles, she said. That was enough for me!Before moving out west, biking was just another recreational activity for Kristen. I bought my first adult bicycle a few months before my road trip, she says. I told myself that no matter what, I was going to use this new bike as my primary means of transport. That dedication led her to jump at the opportunity to join HUB Cycling as a Bike Education Instructor; instructors teach a variety of bike safety courses, including Bike to School programs. It was a job that would introduce me to the world of active transportation and build on my previous work as an outdoor educatorsold! she says.More than three years and three roles later, Kristen continues to enjoy working with HUB as the organizations Bike Education Instruction Manager. She now scouts, hires, trains, manages and advocates for about 25 seasonal Bike Education Instructors, in addition to refining HUBs curriculums and building new resources. HUB is a small but mighty non-profit organization operated by wholesome and dedicated staff on a mission to get more people cycling more often, she says. I believe riding a bicycle is a fundamental skill that everyone should know, and I am proud to play a measurable part in helping others uncover the vast benefits of cycling for themselves.Kristen has seen HUBs work have a significant impact on the community. The organization has delivered programming to over 13,000 people already this year, but to realize the true impact of that reach, I often talk about the ripples, Kristen says. It can start with putting a bike in the hands of one student, newcomer to Canada, or adult for the first time, and witnessing how a little guidance and encouragement has them pedalling within the hour. These are some of the most gratifying moments of my job because I know this is only the first ripple. A new skill has been unlocked, their family and friends will hear about it, and there will be bike rides in that persons future. Those subsequent, exponential ripples build a community of happier and healthier people.What advice does Kristen have for someone interested in getting into cycling or bike commuting? Dont overthink it! she says. All you need is a bicycle and a helmet. Make sure the bicycle is safe to ride by inspecting it or bringing it to a bike shop for a tune up, and then start small and work your way up. If youre looking to rekindle your interest in biking, plan a fun excursion to a local park or coffee shop. If youre curious about commuting by bicycle, try choosing one day a week or month to bike to school or work.Kristen appreciates the emphasis placed on outdoor education at Greenwood. Those experiences grew my love for being active outdoors and opened my eyes to incredible places like BC, she says. But more than that, they validated the exceptional skill building and personal growth that can come from taking students out beyond the walls of the classroom. That has helped me believe even more strongly in the impact of the work Im doing right now.As HUB Cyclings Bike Education Instruction Manager, Kristen Elder 13 scouts, hires, trains, manages, and advocates for about 25 seasonal Bike Education Instructors, in addition to refining HUBs curriculums and building new resources.12 evergreen Dec. 2022GRWD211_Evergreen_2022 r4.indd 12 2023-01-12 11:51 AM'