b'PRINCIPALS MESSAGEAs alumni, you all joined Greenwood at different times in both the schools journey and your own personal journey. Some of you enrolled because you and your family shared our founders vision for Greenwood back in 2002, before there was even a physical school building; some of you joined following our expansion and renovation in 2016, when our updated building opened up even more possibilities; and many of you joined at points along that path, as the school grew and flourished. You joined because you wanted to be both challenged and supported, or because you valued experiential learning, or because you wanted a school that wasnt afraid to do things differently (or maybe all three).Our commitment to our founding values has remained constant over the last 20 years. No matter when or why you joined Greenwood, you were part of a community where teachers get to know students as learners and as people, where students find energy in both success and challenge, and where alumni choose and follow the paths that will bring them fulfillment. We have evolved since 2002, but that evolution comes from our recognition that we can always do better for our students by deepening our understanding of the challenges and opportunities facing us from day to day and from year to year.We remain a close-knit community, and I have heard over and over again from alumni that the people are what made their time at our school truly specialthat the friendships they made have endured long since graduation, and that their teachers pushed them to fulfil their potential while always having their backs. Building and strengthening those relationships is at the core of everything we do, and we are committed to ensuring that Greenwood is a warm and welcoming environment forevery student who walks through our doors.Twenty years after the schools founding, we are celebrating all that we have accomplished since 2002. Greenwood has been a consistent leader among Toronto independent schools, pioneering personalized learning for all and embedding Outdoor Education as a core part of the curriculum. As we look towards the future, we are dedicated to maintaining this entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to experiential learning, and to constantly looking for ways to improve the Greenwood experience for our students (see pages 4-5 for exciting developments on this front).Greenwood has evolved since its founding, and will continue to evolvebut the values that drive us every day? Those arent going anywhere.Sarah Bruce, PrincipalDecember 2022Greenwood1GRWD211_Evergreen_2022 r4.indd 1 2023-01-12 11:49 AM'