b'p OWEN SMITH 17Owen is a Software Development Engineer at Amazon.Owen has always been interested in building and creating, even if it wasnt with programming. However, he learned to code in his senior years at Greenwoodand that new learning ignited a spark. The general philosophy was for students to take control of their learning, Owen says of Greenwoods approach. I was encouraged to be curious and to seek opportunities to be technically creative.Owen went on to study Computer Science at McGill University. In his third year, he began to seriously focus his attention on machine learning. What piqued my interest was the vast applications of artificial intelligence, he says. I became fascinated with how computers learn and how we can leverage their power to solve real-world issues. I also found that I could incorporate my other hobbies into my coding projects in a way that I had never explored before. This curiosity compelled Owen to take more machine learning courses and seek out research opportunities.Today, Owen works for Amazon as a Software Development Engineer. He works in the Supply Chain Division, helping to implement and maintain algorithms to determine how packages are spread amongst warehouses. Our teams algorithms use various machine learning models, Owen says. These algorithms aid Amazons global supply chain by distributing packages across warehouses based on a list of constraints like demand and storage. Its a critical component of Amazons flagship website, and Im honoured to be working on it.One of Owens long-term goals is to join Googles DeepMind team. DeepMind is on the leading edge of artificial intelligence, demonstrating the awesome power of machine learning; in 2020, DeepMind made headlines with its AlphaFold program, which can determine a proteins 3D shape from its amino-acid sequence. I have been following DeepMinds research since they released AlphaStar in 2019; AlphaStar is a self-learning AI designed to play the video game StarCraft 2 with the capability to defeat professional players, Owen says. In my final year of university, I got the opportunity to work with a professor who once interned for DeepMind. The team has pushed the limits of machine learning research, and I would love to one day be a part of that.Owen Smith 17 works for AmazonThere is a lot to be excited about regarding artificial intelligence, Owen says. Its as a Software Developmentimpacting almost every industry. DeepMind recently released AlphaTensor, an Engineer, helping to implement andextension of the AlphaZero model, to solve fundamental mathematical problems like maintain algorithms to determinematrix multiplication. Mathematics is at the core of so many aspects of technology, how packages are spread amongst warehouses. and changes to solving these problems will have a ripple effect leading to many technological advances.In 2020, Googles DeepMind team made headlines with its AlphaFold program, which can determine a proteins 3D shape from its amino-acid sequence. Credit: DeepMindGreenwood17GRWD211_Evergreen_2022 r4.indd 17 2023-01-12 11:51 AM'