b'Greenwood Advisers:Championsand Advocates From its early roots at the schools founding, our Adviser program has become an unmatched source of support for our students at every stage of their educational journey. When the Ontario government introduced the new curriculum in 2000, they also brought in TAPthe teacher-adviser program. The idea was that teacher-advisers would meet with their advisees regularly and help them make informed choices at key transition points in their schooling.Greenwood is always looking for ways to build upon our programming, and TAP was no exception. Our Adviser program started as a quick daily touch-base between students and their Advisers; today, this program provides unparalleled support for students throughout their time at Greenwood.The Adviser is a caring adult who will both support and champion students individual needs, says Heather Thomas,Vice-Principal, Deputy Head of School. This role is incredibly important because Advisers work with individual studentsto help them grow in any way that is needed, whether that be in the area of study skills, well-being practices, self-advocacy, or collaboration with others. Advisers truly care about their advisees and work to ensure that they have a personalized experience at Greenwood.Check out the timeline on the next page to see how the Adviser program has evolved over the last 20 years.The Adviser program helps me with my school work and makes me feel like my thoughts are heard and taken into consideration. My Adviser is very helpful when it comes to my worries and helps me understand myself a little more.Ellie Yantsulis 27I enjoy being an Adviser because I get the chance to really get to know that group of students. The opportunity to build that connection between a student and an Adviser is special.As a Grade 7-8 Adviser, its rewarding to see my advisees growth throughout the two years that theyre with me, from their first day at Greenwood to entering high school. Its always neat to see them in their senior years and Im blown away by the young adults that theyve become! Liz Wong, Adviser6 evergreen Dec. 2022GRWD211_Evergreen_2022 r4.indd 6 2023-01-12 11:49 AM'