b'Message from Our Alumni ExecutiveGreenwood Alumni Community,We hope that you and your families are doing well. We would first like to wish Greenwood a happy 20 thanniversary! We hope that you were all able to attend the big celebration hosted by the school on October 15 th . The Alumni Executive would like to extend a big thank you to Paul Forster 08 for his dedication to the Alumni Executive and role as President over the past three years. Paul will remain involved with the Executive in his new role as Past President! With that said, Jessie Lewis has taken on the role of President and Saul Lewis has been nominated to take on the role of Vice-President. The Alumni Executive has been busy since we last spoke! Greenwood Alumni Connect has helped place alumni into new jobs and connect fellow alumni with mentors in their field of interest. The platform has also been a helpful tool to keep us updated on events and what is happening in the alumni community. If you have not signed up already, it is super easy and you can connect with your LinkedIn credentials. We highly recommend signing up today at alumni.greenwoodcollege.org. If you have any questions about the Alumni Connect platform, please do not hesitate to reach out to us by email atJessie Lewis 09 and Saul Lewis 11 are greenwoodalumniexecutive@gmail.com. We would be happy to help get you set up! the current President and Vice-President The Alumni Executive has loved getting back to in-person meetings and events over theof Greenwoods last year, both locally and internationally. This past year, our Alumni Reunion at GreenwoodAlumni Executive.returned with a bang! We had epic prizes, a live performance by The Tales, and more than 300 alumni (both students and staff) in attendance. Thats more than 25% of all Greenwood alumni! It was a great opportunity for everyone to re-connect, get re-acquainted with the Lodge, and even meet some new babies who have joined the Greenwood community. We also hosted an engaging climate change panel discussion on how we as individuals can take action against climate change, and what businesses and governments should be doing to help combat climate change. The power of the Greenwood community was truly felt by all who attended. We are grateful to alumni Isabel Duchesne 10 and Audrey Korngold 21, and to Kevin Kimsa, a Greenwood parent, for participating in the panel; we would also like to thank the schools Coordinator, Sustainability & Stewardship, Cassandra Della Mora, for moderating the conversation.Our international chapters were quite active in 2022. We had an NYC meet-up hosted by Elly Rosenbaum 14 where seven alumni from across a variety of graduating classes gathered at Reichenbach Hall in NYC. Similarly, the UK Alumni Chapter met up at BrewDog in Shoreditch, London. This year, we anticipate additional international meet-ups and the long-anticipated return of Canadian university visits. Keep your eyes on the Alumni Connect platform and our Instagram page @greenwood_alumni for additional information. The Alumni Executive is hard at work to keep everyone together this year. We are planning a networking event that will be hosted in downtown Toronto, as well as additional initiatives focused on health and wellness. Please register for Alumni Connect to ensure you do not miss any of the exciting initiatives that the Alumni Executive has planned for this year!If you have any thoughts or want to get involved in the Alumni Executive, please email us at greenwoodalumniexecutive@gmail.com or reach out to either one of us directly.Sincerely,Jessie Lewis 09 Saul Lewis 11 ALUMNI EXECUTIVE MEMBERS 2022-2023President Vice-President POSITION NAMEPresident Jessie Lewis 09Vice-President Saul Lewis 11Past President Paul Forster 08Events Ryan Boynton 08Izzy Farag 17Russ Reeves 11The Alumni Executive hosted an engaging climate change panelNicole Wallenburg 11discussion on how we as individualsYoung Alumni Chair Kristina Dsormeaux 22can take action against climate change, and what businesses andMembers at Large Allie Hawkey 09governments should be doing toMartine Lloyd 10help combat climate change. Emily Wright 09NYC Chapter Chairs Mitch Reeves 09Elly Rosenbaum 14UK Chapter Chairs Adam Brady 12Lauren Karrys 12Our Alumni Reunion at Greenwood returned with a bang in May more than 300 alumni (both students and staff) were in attendance!2 evergreen Dec. 2022GRWD211_Evergreen_2022 r4.indd 2 2023-01-17 10:31 AM'