b'Staff NotesWhat are Greenwoods staff members up to these days? Check out the notes below to find out, and be sure to follow us on Instagram @greenwoodcollegeschool for more staff updates throughout the year!k JANELLE WATSONNow in my second year as Greenwoods Director, Grade 7 and 8, I am loving the challenge.Ironically, my kids are now in Grades 7 and 8 as well! They are both VERY into friends and sports (no surprise!)! Lili is playing ultimate and soccer, and Leo is playing hockey with Forest Hill AA. Hes looking forward to upping his game, while our family is looking forward to travelling to the away tournaments! We bought a vintage RV in 2020 to travel Ontario during the first pandemic summer and used it to trek to Tremblant in 2021, including mountain biking and hiking. Weve had lots of cottage time and camping the past three summers, so cant complain. Leos a Kilcoo boy now and Lili goes to Glen Bernard Camp in the summer, so my husband, Dino, and I like to head off to mountain bike, go RVing and do winery tours at every opportunity!q SAM CLARK o ANTHONY COSTAMr. Clarks daughter, Lucy, isAnthony Costa remains at Greenwood and has had a variety of approaching her second birthday androles at the school in his 16 years. Hes currently the schoolshe and his wife, Robyn, welcomed theirDean of Students, which means that he gets to spend a lot of time second child (another daughter) inworking with individual students as needed. From goal-setting December. sessions and creating support plans all the way to finding lost cell phones, he enjoys problem solving with people. Hes still coaching soccer and playing as much as his knees will allow! Now living in Mississauga with his partner and their son, Caden, life has changed quite a bit in the last two years and the adventure of parenthood is one that he and his partner love.kTRISTAN KRYSCIAK & CONNOR MCFARLANEMs. Krysciak and Mr. McFarlane got married in early August in an intimate ceremony at the Annex Boutique Hotel and Wine Barwith Lub as the officiant!o VANESSA FLORASMs. Floras is back from leave and excited to be working with the Centre for Teaching and Learning team.If any alumni are interested inoCHRISTINE coming in as a guest speakerJOANNOUfor the science students, she would love to hear from you! I got married in February 2022 and I obviously had m RACHEL BAKER to take a calculator photo Ms. Bakers son, Ben, in my wedding dress (ha!).was born in April 2022.k ERIN PORTER AND DOUG BROWNMs. Porter and Mr. Brown continue to be active members of the Greenwood community, going on 15 and 14 years at the school, respectively. Ms. Porter has recently moved from being a math teacher to the guidance department and continues her work on student leadership development in the senior grades. Mr. Brown continues to teach drama, advertising and philosophyand, of course, can often be found sharing his love of music and film with anyone and everyone in the hallways and through our clubs. In 2021, Mr. Brown and Ms. Porters youngest daughter, Maddie, was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. It has been a challenging journey learning to manage a chronic illness and becoming advocates for the safe care and wellbeing of their child. It is not a journey, however, that they have begun alone. The Greenwood community continues to be a place of immense support and care. The students, their families and Greenwood staff who know about Maddies diagnosis frequently offer them words of encouragement, demonstrate a thoughtful understanding of their situation and help them to manage the additional load that their lives now have. It reminds them how the relationships fostered at Greenwood truly are the heart of the school and they are extremely grateful. They wish all their former students the best. They still think and speak of you often.Greenwood25GRWD211_Evergreen_2022 r4.indd 25 2023-01-18 1:18 PM'