b'Space to DreamIn the Spring of 2022, Greenwood had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to purchase a parcel of land south of the schoolandwe jumped at it. This land will not onlymeet our immediate need for green space, but will give us valuable room to think and dream for the future.What have we purchased?With prudent financial management and support from our community, Greenwood was able to purchase the plot of land encompassing the KFC and Wolseley Plumbing located south of the school on Mount Pleasant Road; we have also purchased four houses on Balliol Street. These properties will yield a lot sized at 63,000 square feet.What are we planning to build?Greenwood plans to develop a multi-purpose recreation space on the site that will meet a wide variety of student needs. The highlight of these new facilities will be an artificial turf playing field that will be converted into an artificial ice rink during the winter months. For Grizzlies athletes, this is a game changer. Teams will now be able to hold practices directly across the street from the school, turning travel time into valuable skill-building time. These facilities will also be available for use by our physical education classes for activities like soccer, flag football, rugby, hockey, ice skating and more.Additionally, our new recreation space will include an outdoor classroom, multi-use recreation space and washroom facilities. We look forward to students using these spaces throughout the school day as a valuable opportunity to get outside and support their physical and mental health.4 evergreen Dec. 2022GRWD211_Evergreen_2022 r4.indd 4 2023-01-12 11:49 AM'