b'Janelle: Greenwood is progressive. Period. Wherever academics are heading, Greenwood will no doubt be at the forefront! Being on the leading edge can be challenging for teachers at times, but the benefits for student learning are profound. We continue to research best practices in order to implement a personalized approach wherever possible. This helps build the wonderfully academically diverse community Greenwood is known for.Heather: More opportunities for experiential learning are going to be key. For example, courses can be connected to Outdoor Education (such as our Regional Geography course) or Service Learning to provide opportunities to apply concepts in the real world. Another goal is to have more experts come into courses to mentor students, as we do with our Writer in Residence program in Writers Craft.Bill: I think we will see technology continue to be incorporated into the classroom, but in different ways. We learned over the past 18 months that too much time spentTheres a greater focus on on screens can be detrimental to learning. I would love to see augmented realitygauging students interests (AR) used more, and the possibilities of extended reality (XR) are really exciting. Toolsand using that to design course material and drive like Microsoft Hololens can allow students to create real-time connections and worklearning.Bill Farbsteincollaboratively on hands-on projects with people around the world.What are some ways in which Greenwoods academic approach has remained the same over the years?Bill: The care teachers show for students has been a constant. Teachers are really invested in helping students grow, both as learners and as people.Heather: It has always been important to provide hands-on learning when possible, and to provide opportunities for students to discuss ideas and collaborate in class in order to build knowledge and understanding.Janelle: Greenwood is still committed to helping each student be their personalTeachers are really invested best and meet their academic goals. We will always push students to step out of theirin helping comfort zoneseven if ever so slightlyand become their best version of themselves. students grow, both as learners Elanna: Regular and ongoing feedback is critical to student growth, and this hasand as people. always been a big part of Greenwoods programwe are just finding new and different Bill Farbsteinways to deliver it. Solving a real-world business problem is not only authentic, but it simulates It has always been important to provide hands-on learningthe type of case analysis students will when possible, and to provide opportunities for students tobe expected to do in postsecondary discuss ideas and collaborate in class.Heather Thomas or in their careers. Elanna Robson[Outdoor Education] programming has evolved to engage with nature and all of the learning opportunities camp offers instead of running traditional classes during that time.Janelle WatsonGreenwood11'