b'oq CELINE CAIRA 10 After completing her Master of Public Policy at UofTs Munk School of Global Affairs and Public Policy, Celine Caira 10 joined the UNs World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) where she worked to protect intangible assets to catalyze economic development and growth. She worked for over three years in the Canadian government, most recently as a Senior Policy Advisor to the Federal Minister of Innovation, Science, and Industry. Celine has since left the Ministers office and is currently working as an Economist/Policy Analyst in the OECDs Artificial Intelligence Unit in Paris, France. Celines previous experience working in government at the municipal and provincial levels made her want to see how key policy decisions were made at the federal level. Linking to her previous role at the UN protecting intellectual property rights and economic development, she felt that the portfolio of the Minister of Innovation, Science and Industry was well suited to her interests and had great opportunities for growth and learning. In her role as Senior Policy Advisor, she provided advice to the Federal Minister on issues relating to innovation and economic development, including intellectual property, clean technology, investment attraction, and more. Her day-to-day tasks consisted of briefing the Minister on key issues, preparing speaking points for cabinet meetings and project announcements, and liaising with stakeholders across the country. During the COVID-19 pandemic, she was advising the Ministers office on how to develop Canadas industrial response to COVID-19 by shifting efforts to increase Canadas domestic capacity for personal protective equipment (PPE) and investments into Canadian vaccines and therapeutics.Celine with Canadas Minister of Justice, David Lametti,Working in federal politics is both extremely exciting and challenging, who she worked closely with on intellectual propertyCeline says. You work grueling hours and you must always be alert and issues as ISED Parliamentary Secretary. reactive to evolving issues and global events. Her favourite part of her role is having a direct impact on shaping national economic policy to improve the lives of Canadians. The most challenging aspect of her job has been finding work-life balance. Celine remembers that her time at Greenwood helped to instill a strong sense of community service and respect for the environment through the schools values and outreach programs. These formative experiences ultimately led me to pursue a career in shaping Canadian public policy, where I can help to tackle some of our biggest national challenges, Celine fondly recalls.Celine stands in the Parliaments centre block in the old building before it was closed for renovations.Greenwood19'