b'k PATRICK HARRIS 10 Patrick Harris 10 works in capital markets at Cushman & Wakefields Toronto office along with fellow Greenwoodalumnus, Geoff Roberts 13. Patrick creates and secures investment opportunities for his clients in multi-familyproperties and land development.During his studies at McGill, Patrick spent his summers operating a door-to-door sales company. After some encouragement from his clients to leverage his sales experience, he went on to work in a real estate brokerage firm. When he first started working in real estate, he enjoyed the challenge and flexibility the role offered. I loved the upside and flexibility of sales as a younger person, he says. Even when he was just starting, Patrick quickly recognized thereEven when he was just was room to grow and pivot into the investment side of the business. Once he got his start by leasing offices, he made thestarting, Patrick Harris switch into capital markets in 2019. In the past year, he joined forces with fellow Greenwood alumnus Geoff Roberts 13 at Cushman &quickly recognized there Wakefield while also launching his own investment vehicle thatwas room to grow and targets value-add real estate opportunities in Southern Ontario. pivot into the investment In his role, he finds the process of finding deals to be exciting but also challenging. Its an extremely competitive environment withside of the business.lots of capital, chasing limited opportunities, Patrick says. However, it is greatly rewarding when he is able to successfully secure an investment opportunity for his clients because of the limited number of opportunities due to the markets competitive nature. In remembering his time at Greenwood, Patrick owes his acceptance into his undergraduate program to his teachers. Greenwood played a major role for me academically, Patrick says.p GEOFF ROBERTS 13Geoff Roberts 13 first got bitten by the real estate bug while studying at Queens University. He now works at Cushman & Wakefield on the Capital Markets team, working with fellow Greenwood alumnusPatrick Harris 10. After graduating from Greenwood, Geoff attended Queens Geoff Robertss strongUniversity. It was there by chance that he first got a feel for the industry when a friend dragged him to a real estate conference. interpersonal skillsHe appreciated the opportunity to network in a less formal help him successfullysetting and easily made connections. The same interpersonal skills that helped Geoff build those relationships also helped him navigate his work into realize he likes to prioritize those interpersonal connections, making real estate an ideal fit for his strengths and interests. real estate. His work allows him to collaborate with a variety of individuals and learn from very accomplished people, giving Geoff the motivation to strive for better.My favourite but also most challenging part of the role is the unpredictability, Geoff says. I enjoy how every day is unique. He appreciates how unforeseen obstacles challenge him to venture outside of his comfort zone. One day he could be touring a portfolio of apartment buildings in London, Ontario, and the next day he could be developing a financial analysis of another multi-family building in the GTA. Geoffs work also gives him a lot of autonomy, which is a perk but also a challenge. When you dont have somebody always telling you what to do, its fantastic because you are in control of your schedule, Geoff says. But it is easier to become complacent. Its important to remain focused and consistent.Geoff credits Greenwood with helping him develop an arsenal of soft skills like integrity, open-mindedness and respect, which he uses daily to succeed in his role. Greenwoods collaborative culture also helped to establish the foundation of Geoffs ability to work with different individuals, which is integral in his field of work. Even in his free time, Geoff maintains his Greenwood roots; most recently, he volunteered to coach Greenwoods Junior Boys Basketball team for the upcoming winter term. Greenwood13'