b'Staff NotesWhat are Greenwoods teachers and staff up to these days? Check out the notes below to find out, and be sure to follow us on Instagram @greenwoodcollegeschool for more staff updates throughout the year!LIZ BRANSCOMBEI have returned from my 3 years in Malta, which was amazing! I have returned to Greenwood for the year and am enjoying being a Guidance Counsellor once again. As I write this, Im heading home from an awesome time at Kilcoo with the Grade 12s. It brought back many great memories of all the OE trips Ive done and especially all of the amazing alumni with whom I shared those experiences. Wishing you all the very best!k SAM CLARKThe silver lining of the difficult COVID period was the birth of myo BILL FARBSTEINdaughter, Lucy. Shes now 9 & 1/2 months and doing very well! Hi alumni! Just wanted to pass on my good wishes to you all from my family this year. All of us at Greenwood are hoping to see you (hopefully in person) sometime soon. We miss you. Good luck and stay in touch!o VANESSA FLORAS o HEATHER MAXTEDMs. Floras is happy toHi all! Hard to believe its myannounce the arrival of her14th year at Greenwood. I often little one, Steven, born in Maythink about many of you and 2021. They recently celebratedwonder what you are up to International Red Panda Dayand the adventures you have and Steven is looking forwardtaken! I think of the many French to meeting them at the zoo. classes Ive taught, the sports Ive coached and the field trips (FRANCE!!) that we have done over the many years. I am still teaching French here although its usually the senior classes now (10-12) and really enjoy spending k CATHERINE MENARD the rest of my time working with Mary Gauthier in the Centre Ms. Menards two-year-old son, for Teaching and Learning. I am Levi, became a big brother inexcited for COVID to get under August. Although hes still control so that I can travel more. adjusting to his little sister, Noelle,Although, I have enjoyed spending his parents are thrilled by thethis extra time with my husband newest addition to their family. Simon and our 4 y/o daughter Roz (who just started JK) at our home in the west end. Hope you are keeping well and please be in-touchmy email is the same :) !!!k HEATHER WRIGHTMs. Wright and her husband o MICHAEL SCHMIDT welcomed a new baby in the spring! Baby Finnegan is doing Mr. Schmidt and his wifewell, and her son Jeffrey is enjoy-welcomed little baby Winnieing being a big brother.into this world on August 28, 2020. After a year on leave, he is excited to be back at Green-wood and is really enjoying being a father.Greenwood25GRWD208_Evergreen_2021_v4.indd 25 2021-12-07 3:35 PM'