b'Lets Come TogetherAlumni: to Support GreenwoodThe five alumni below have a challenge for you: give back to Greenwood with a donation to your class fund and have your gift matched dollar for dollar.Allie Hawkey 09, John McSherry 08, Russ Reeves 11, Mitch Reeves 09 and Elly Rosenbaum 14 have come together to create a Greenwood Alumni Matching Challenge. All alumni gifts to class funds will now be matched by this group, up to a total of $21,000. Your support will help Greenwood to build an even stronger student experience and to make Greenwood accessible to more students through financial assistance.Your investment in Greenwood is about more than paying itforwardits about giving future students the opportunity to benefit from the Greenwood experience. Your participation iswhat matters most, and your gift will make twice the impact this year thanks to our matching challenge. Elly RosenbaumGive back to Greenwood today at greenwoodcollege.org/donatel ELLY ROSENBAUM 14Greenwood stands out as one of my most influential life experiences. Before I arrived there, I was an unmotivated student and struggled in school. Greenwood helped me develop the confidence to work hard and be my best self. I benefited tremendously from the generosity of Greenwoods donors, and I am excited to pay it forward. I would be thrilled if my fellow alumni joined me in giving back to Greenwood in any way they are able to allow current and future students to have the same great experience we all had.John McSherryk JOHN MCSHERRY 08I was fortunate to be a part of Greenwoods first day almost 20 years ago. I can still picture my peers, teachers, and construction workers! Giving back has been a central value of Greenwood since its inception, and it was one of the core values instilled in me through my years there. I hope this matching program motivates my fellow alumni to remember and recognize the impact that the Greenwood experience had on them, and to support Greenwood in its continued growth as one of the most sought-after institutions in Toronto.k ALLIE HAWKEY 09Greenwood gave me many opportunities as a student: to learn, take risks, embrace my unique strengths and grow. The connections I made there 20 years ago remain a strong part of my life today. Now, I am able to give something back to Greenwood. I view my annualAllie Hawkeydonations to my Class Fund as my investment in the next generation of students and our alumni community. k RUSS REEVES 11Greenwood played a major role in developing my confidence and defining who I am today. I was incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity to join a community that supported me through my unique challenges and goals. Id love to play some role in allowing Greenwood to deliver upon its future vision and positively impact as many students as possible. Our alumni network is reaching a point where we can collectively have a meaningful impact on the trajectory of the school and student experience, and we can all find our ownMitch Reevesways to make Greenwood an even better place than it is today.Russ Reevesr MITCH REEVES 09Greenwoods tailored curriculum, unique programming, and warm culture provided me with boundless opportunities to learn, lead and grow, both inside and outside the classroom. Im thankful for all the amazing experiences, memories, and friendships that I developed while at Greenwood. I benefited from the generous support provided by the schools early parents and donors, and I feel its important to pay that forward for future Greenwood students.'