b'Class Notes2006,Adam Ehrlichand big brother Charlie were thrilled to haveLauren Ehrlich (Huggins)welcomed baby brother Jack Sydney Ehrlich on April 17, 2021.John Findlayis a Director with CIBC Capital Markets.James Newtonis a freelance Special Effects Makeup Artist.Martin Stevensonis currently a Senior Manager, Business Insights & Analytics at American Express in London, England.Lauren Tuths (Olney)and her husband, Mike, welcomed their first baby, Lucas, last March (well timed, he arrived the day before NYC shut down for the pandemic).oLauren Ehrlich (Huggins) 06 and Adam Ehrlich 06 welcomed Jack Sydney Ehrlich on April 17, 2021. 2007 is a Family Medicine Resident at WellStar Atlanta Medical Center in 2008 Koy Cronyn RyanAtlanta, Georgia. If there was ever a time forKatie Greenbaumto share some life updates, now isBoyntonrecentlyit! In January, she and her boyfriend (now fiance) decided to get out of Toronto and get some much- started a new position as needed sunshine by moving to Austin, Texas with their dog George, for what she thought was goingDirector, People &to be two or three months. Instead, she fell in love with the city and stayed for 9 months. During herCulture at CanadaHelps.time in Austin, she lived in a hotel for 10 weeks; moved houses twice (real estate market is crazy there);George Flemingwas witness to Texans handling a large amount of snow for the first time by using epsom salt for theiris currently Director, driveway; made a great group of friends thanks to George; hosted multiple friends who came to visit;Strategy & Insights at left her job of 7 years at Holt Renfrew Corporate, where she was a planner on the beauty team; got aBeacon Hill Brands. new job at Sephora Canada Corporate as a planner for Clean & Wellness Skincare; and got engaged.Michael Forsteris a Now, she is back in Toronto, planning her wedding for May 2022 in Austin, and packing up her condoCommercial Account to make the move permanent in the new year.Daniel Koenkais a Senior Manager, Solutions DesignManager at TD Bank. at DHL Supply Chain.Gigi Labrieis a Registered Nurse with the University Health Network. Lindsay Prestonis a nIn a year filled with changes, Katie Greenbaum 07 took on a new role at Sephora Canada Corporate as a Partner at Preston Humanplanner for Clean & Wellness Skincare. Capital Group.2009Annie Bell2010Hope KearnsisOn December 8, 2020,After a few postponements, (Collins)and her husband, Matthew, along withgetting married to David Merrithew next spring in Toronto. She their two-and-a-half year old, Beckett, welcomedalso completed her Master of Nursing at University of Toronto, Wesley Gratton Bell. All are doing well out onand is now a Nurse Practitioner.Martine Lloydgot married to the west coast.Callie Bowmanis a full-timePhil Williams (Kilcoo alum) on September 18, 2021, up on Lake staff member at Greenwood, where she teachesRosseau; the wedding was officiated by David (Lub) Latimer. math.Taryn Fossis an Artifacts Coordinator atMany Greenwood alumni were in attendance, withSarah Lloyd the Ontario Science Centre.Jessie Lewisgot13 ,Hope Kearns 10andLaurel Barr 10as bridesmaids. engaged to Alex Karayannides on July 1, 2021! TheyAndrew Macdonaldis completing his MBA at the Schulich are going to tie the knot on October 22, 2022.School of Business. On June 9, 2021,Caitlin Samueland her Raleigh Seldonis Grammy Award-winning singer/ family welcomed Charlotte Haley Elizabeth Smith into the world songwriter Ciaras Manager as well as Directorat Mount Sinai Hospital in downtown Toronto! She was just over 5 of Operations of her record label Beauty Marksweeks early so it was quite the adventure early on but she is now a Entertainment in Los Angeles. thriving, happy and healthy baby girl.nJessie Lewis 09 got engaged to Alex Karayannides onl Martine Lloyd 10 married Phil Williams (Kilcoo alum) on SeptemberJuly 1st 2021. 18, 2021, with many Greenwood alumni in attendance.o Annie Bell (Collins) 09 and her husband, Matthew,kOn June 9, 2021, Caitlin Samuel 10 and her family welcomedwelcomed Wesley Gratton Bell on December 8, 2020. Charlotte Haley Elizabeth Smith.2011 is living in Amsterdam, Netherlands, where he is Digital Marketing Manager for Relay42.Stefan BarrettMichael Burnesis completing the Master of Management Analytics at Queens Universitys Smith School of Business, studying advanced analytics and artificial intelligence.Matt Colemarried Allie Gottlieb (coincidentally a Greenwood teacher!) on October 2, 2021, in Toronto.Lisa DeGeergot engaged to Troy Harrison (kinesiology classmate from Acadia University) in October 2021; wedding pending for 2023.Taylor Martineauis an Anti-Human Trafficking Youth Worker at Covenant House Toronto. On October 18, 2021,Lexie von Hahnmarried Constantin Blaum, who she met while attending St Andrews. After various date and venue changes throughout COVID, they got married overlooking Lake Ontario in Cobourg, at Lexies familys home. While it was a smaller event than initially planned, there were a number of GCS alumni in attendance includingKatrina von Hahn 13 ,Nicole Wallenburg 11 ,Georgina Gooderham 11 ,Lisa DeGeer 11 ,Samara Tanenbaum 11 ,Cel Jackson 11andAnne Hughes 13 . nMatt Cole 11 married Allie Gottlieb (coincidentally a Greenwood teacher!) on October 2, 2021, in Toronto. o Lisa DeGeer 11 got engaged to Troy Harrison (kinesiology classmate from Acadia University) in October 2021. kOn October 18th, 2021, Lexie von Hahn 11 married Constantin Blaum, who she met while attending St Andrews.2012 is a Coordinator, Operations, Fan Engagement & Marketing with the Canadian Football League.Peter BowmanSam Bertramrecently took on a new job at Level5 Strategy, a boutique management consulting firm with many ties to Greenwood. The firm recently helped develop the new Greenwood strategic plan and the current and incoming company presidents are parents of Greenwood alumni.Adam Bradyis starting work as an Investment Associate at General Projects in London, England.Meaghan Burtynskywelcomed hernew Goldendoodle puppy, Hendricks, in September 2021.Harry Glancyis an Investment Banking Analyst at Haywood Securities Inc.Julia Higginswelcomed a baby boy, Everett, in July 2021.Zach Janesis a Securities and Capital Markets Associate at Minden Gross LLP. Erin Niepageis a Campaign Lead with SkipTheDishes.Julia Schultzbegan her Master of Teaching at OISE in September 2021. oHarry Glancy 12 is an Investment Banking Analyst at Haywood Securities Inc.kMeaghan Burtynsky 12 welcomed Hendricks, her Goldendoodle puppy, in September 2021.'