b'q JAMES AIKENHEAD 06James Aikenhead is the founder and president of Whitaker Construction Inc.Many children are naturally fascinated with machinery and constructionbut that fascination never left James. This interest led him into residential construction in a general labour capacity, and thats where he discovered that home building was not just an interest. I realized it was a passion, and I decided to turn it into a business, he says.As a custom home builder, Whitaker manages the entire build process for its clients, from acquiring the land to collaborating with the selected project partners and consultants in design development. When the design is done and the permits have been approved, they transition into construction management. When the build has Many children arebeen completed, we facilitate the post-construction phase, James says. We ensure naturally fascinatedthat the building receives the maintenance and service it needs to last a lifetime. Crafting custom homes that are tailored to each clients needs and that allow them to with machinery andthrive in their built environment is incredibly gratifying for James. However, challenges are inevitable, especially in our current climate as our industry struggles to balance constructionbutsupply and demand, James says. Having a solutions-based mindset while looking at that fascinationdifficulties as an opportunity to grow and improve is vital in overcoming obstacles and being able to move forward.never left James.Greenwood allowed James to achieve his academic goals and to continue his education at his first-choice postsecondary school, but that is not his most important takeaway from his time there. Greenwood taught me the importance of character and standing by your convictions, as well as how to approach achieving my goals in a disciplined way, James says. Those life skills have been vital in navigating the business world.Are you an entrepreneur or small business owner? Get the word out to your fellow alumni on Greenwood Alumni Connect! The Small Business Directory on Greenwood Alumni Connect allows you to advertise your product or service to hundreds of your fellow alumni. Visit alumni.greenwoodcollege.org/page/small-business-directory to add your listing today, or to browse the many businesses started by Greenwood grads.Greenwood17'