b'Behind the ScenesThere are more entertainment options than ever these daysbut what does it take to actually produce your favourite music, TV shows, movies and web series? We spoke to four Greenwood alumni working in entertainment about what its like behind the scenes.Daniel Griffs q CLARK DEVINS 14 favourite part of hosting Clark Devins (aka Clark Copland) is aSideBar singer-songwriter.The Show is meeting the artists he What drove you to start making music? interviews.Music has always been a great escape for me. A few years ago, I returned to Ontario from Vancouver Film School to recover after being diagnosed with a mental illness. Making my own sound on the piano filled a creative void for me. Since then, my songs moved from a recovery aid to music I could really be proud of. Then, I wentm DANIEL GRIFF 16on tour with a musician as a videographer and photographer, which made me curious about live performance. I wrote a few songs andDaniel Griff, along with fellow Greenwood produced a single with a friend. I released the song To Be Minegrad Innes Reid 16, produces the web series in the summer of 2020, and it provided both the motivation and validation I needed to make an album. I dove into the creativeSideBar The Show. process with a producer, and MYUTOPIA was the result.How did you decide to start SideBar The Show?What was it like making a full-length album? SideBar The Show emerged during the pandemic, as I missed My goal was to make MYUTOPIA listenable from front to back,catching up with friends over drinks. Watching some of my so trying to fill in gaps while staying within that world was eyefavourite artists Instagram stories, I loved the content that revealed opening and challenging for me. I started with 5-6 songs and thenthese very real people doing normal things. Combining this raw melded the second half of the album to create a full piece thatperspective with my love for live music and comedy led me to the worked together. show, where I interview fantastic musicians while trying interesting drinks that get stronger as the show progresses. Top it all off with a What are your goals as a musician? live performance and boom, weve got ourselves quite the show.Im ready to level up. I want to get more people involved to go all in and push for elaborate visuals, release parties, live performancesWhat is your favourite part of doing the and eventually a shot at being on the charts. Ive already gotshow? What is a challenge you face?another single in the making, which means the short-term goal isMy favourite part is meeting the artists. Innes and I used to getting that song on the map and eventually onto the next album. love hanging around after concerts, chatting with the band and learning about the music and them as people. The most Did your time at Greenwood help to preparechallenging part is multitasking. Preparing one episode while you for being a musical artist? planning the next can get hectic. We always get it done, but I My time at Greenwood definitely played a part in my taking musicdefinitely need to work on prioritization as I sometimes get caught seriously. I performed at coffee houses and always felt supportedup in the fun stuff and neglect an outstanding item.and comfortable with expressing my creativity. Ill never forget stepping on stage with classmates at graduation to performWhere do you see the show going in the future?Superstition by Stevie Wonder; the thrill of being part of a bandI see this show eventually getting its big break. We would love to and having a great response from my classmates, friends, familyenter the cycle of attracting larger guests, growing our audience and Greenwood staff sparked something inside. and getting bigger sponsors until we can start doing live shows, cool merch and maybe even our own line of drinks.Clarks first full-length album, MYUTOPIA, was released on July 30 and is available on Spotify and other major streaming platforms. Did your time at Greenwood help to prepare you for this project?Shoutout to Ms. Liburd, my media arts teacher, because I use Adobe Illustrator to make all of our graphics and my knowledge Music hasset me up to learn other Adobe programs. Another shoutout to Mr. always beenWright, who taught a guitar class including everything from setting a greatup sound systems to properly coiling up XLR and patch cords. In escape forgeneral, Im not sure I would have ended up doing this project if I Clark Devins. hadnt had the space to do things like perform at coffee houses or be a House Captain. I learned how to put myself out there and see what happens.Learn more about SideBar The Show at sidebartheshow.com. Note that this series is intended for adults 19+.14 evergreen Nov. 2021'