b'Class Fund UpdateEvery year, Greenwood establishes an endowed Class Fund in honour of our graduating class in the Greenwood College School Foundation. We encourage graduating students and their families to direct their Annual Appeal gifts to their Class Fund. Most funds support student financial assistance; other areas of support include the Greenwood Centre for Teaching and Learning, the schools area of greatest need and experiential learning programs.Over the years, these funds have supported many current Greenwood students whose financial situations have changed during their time at the school, allowing them to continue their Greenwood experience. The funds have also supported enhancements to our experiential learning programs, valuable professional development opportunities for our teachers and more. We are very grateful for this generous support from our community and the many opportunities it has made possible for our students and staff. Our Class Funds are established when each new Grade 7 class joins the school, and our hope is that parents, alumni and past parents will help their Class Funds to grow in the years to come. This continued support will leave a lasting legacy from each graduating class to the school and make a real difference for students and staff in the years to come.See the chart below for a summary of each Class Fund and what it supports. The chart lists fund balances as of June 30, 2021. Have a question about Class Funds? Feel free to get in touch with Jamie Lougheed, Executive Director, Advancement at 416 545 5103 or jamie.lougheed@greenwoodcollege.org. GRAD CLASS FUNDING ALLOCATION FUND BALANCE2006 Student financial assistance $ 459,9522007 Schools area of greatest need $ 122,3052008 Experiential learning programs $ 490,5202009 Schools area of greatest need $ 140,0612010 Student financial assistance $ 323,0812011 Student financial assistance $ 113,6632012 Student financial assistance $ 107,9812013 Greenwood Centre for Teaching and Learning $ 121,4362014 Greenwood Centre for Teaching and Learning $ 64,4622015 Student financial assistance $ 54,3062016 Student financial assistance $ 26,3792017 Student financial assistance $ 39,3822018 Student financial assistance $ 96,8912019 Student financial assistance $ 116,1832020 Student financial assistance $ 55,7722021 Student financial assistance $ 90,3586 evergreen Nov. 2021'