b'Mackenzie Munros production company currently has a slate of 10 projects in q KATE SMITH 15 different stages of development.Kate Smith is a cinematographer and camera operator working in Vancouvers film industry. She also finished an MSc in Literature from the University of Edinburgh this year. What is the nature of your work? What projects are you working on at the moment?I work in the indie scene, and my favourite films to work on are those that centre complex female characters and amplify voices that deserve to be heard. The bulk of my cinematography work has been on short narrative films, but I have also shot a few documentaries during this past year which have been very rewarding.What drew you to cinematography?In short, storytelling. I have always loved stories in all shapes and forms, and to be able to tell them visually was very exciting to me. What is your favourite part of your work? What is a challenge you face? m MACKENZIE MUNRO 15My favourite part of working in film is that every day is different. This means that each new day is exciting and Im always kept on my toes.Mackenzie Munro is a writer/directorIm also lucky to work with many incredible filmmakers and friendsand co-founder of production company every day, which adds to the positives of the job. The main challengeBlonde Mamba in LA.I face is the long hours.How did your time at Greenwood prepare youWhat is the nature of your work and what for your career path? projects are you working on right now?My film and media arts classes at Greenwood were what initiallyBlonde Mamba is made up of me and my producing partner, sparked my interest in filmmaking, so a huge thank you to Mr.Amelia Baker. We produce, direct and write our own projects Brown and Ms. Liburd! Furthermore, I built skills in teamwork andas well as others. In 2020, we solidified investment from C21, cooperation at Greenwood, which have been skills Ive reached fora London-based company that runs one of the worlds largest every day working in film. networking conferences for the TV industry. We currently have a slate of 10 projects in different stages of development: Learn more about Kates work at katesmithfilm.ca. some that Ive written and directed myself, some that weve produced, and some that we pitch to networks. Whatever the project is, were involved from beginning to end. In 2022, our I have always loved stories in all shapes andteam will grow substantially.forms, and to be able to tell them visually was very exciting to me, Kate Smith says.As of October, Im in Massachusetts directing and producing a feature film. Amelia is producing it remotely from LA in addition to producing for the SAG Awards and Twitter. We also sold a podcast to Stitcher/Sirius XM which is in production. What made you want to get into this eld of work?Ive been a storyteller since day one. I started acting at 8 years old, which is when I fell in love with scripts and the screenwriting process. In order to have creative and logistical control of what I write, I also started learning how to produce and direct.What is your favourite part about your work? What is a challenge you face?There are almost too many favourites to mention in a short paragraph. So, Ill say this: the best part is post-production, where you see many years of development and weeksif not monthsof production and new challenges finally on a screen, and its time to finally play!Did your time at Greenwood help to prepare you for this career path?It absolutely did. It put me in environments where I had to adapt and learn new skills sooner rather than later, which helps when a project takes me on an unfamiliar adventure. Learn more about Blonde Mamba at blondemamba.com.Greenwood15'