b'PRINCIPALS MESSAGEWhen I want to get an overall sense of Greenwood on a particular day, I head out for a pulse check stroll around the building. As I go, I pay close attention to students. Where do they like to be? Who are they sitting or chatting with? Are they building new friendships? Are they calm or frantically trying to get things done? And, most importantly, how are they feeling?While these pulse checks are hugely informative for me, they also give me the opportunity to soak in the spirit of Greenwood. In 2020-2021, these walks often served as harsh reminders of all that COVID had taken from our students; it sometimes seemed impossible to fathom getting back to normal. But over the last several weeks, pulse checks have once again become a highlight of my day. Our students and staff are so happy to be back in the building together, and that feeling has made the ongoing restrictions imposed by COVID easier to bear. Co-curriculars have restarted, and planning beyond the next week or two has begun to seem feasible. A sense of normalcy is returning, however slowlyand for that, I am truly grateful.Though it was notable in many waysboth positive and negativethe 2020-2021 school year also marked the completion of Venture Further, Greenwoods strategic plan for 2016-2021. We are proud of what we have accomplished over the last five years, including:kEnhancing our Adviser programkCreating more opportunities for alumni and to provide unmatched supporttheir families to stay connected to Greenwood to students in their self-directedthrough initiatives like the Greenwood Alumni learning and character growth. Executives Instagram Live series and the Greenwood Alumni Connect portal.kWeaving health and well-being into all elements of the schoolkGrowing the Centre for Teaching and Learning experience through curriculum,to provide professional development, programming and our newmentorship and support to teachers at all Director, Student Well-being. stages of their careers.Throughout 2020-2021, Greenwoods Board of Directors and Senior Leadership Team worked with Level 5 Strategy to create Venture Further Together, our strategic plan for the next five years. The overall goal of this plan is to build on Greenwoods whole-student educational experience to make it the best of its kind, while also bringing that experience to even more students.Throughout the planning process, we received valuable input from students, staff, alumni and parents and guardians through focus groups, surveys and feedback sessions. This input helped us to identify five key strategic imperatives that will guide us over the next five years, including creating a more diverse, equitable and inclusive community that fosters a sense of belonging. It is our hope that our alumni are willing to be part of this work, and that these strategic imperatives can in turn make a positive impact on Greenwoods alumni community. You can read more about our 2021-2026 Strategic Plan on page 3.There is exciting, important work to be done over the next five years, and I look forward to doing it in the spirit of this plan: together.Sarah Bruce, PrincipalNovember 2021Greenwood1'