b'GreenwoodsNew Strategic Plan: Venture Further TogetherOver the past year, Greenwood has worked collaboratively to develop a new strategic plan that is built upon a strong fact base and the unique character of the school. This process involved valuable input from members of our community, including from Greenwood alumni. Our strategic plan for 2021-2026 is based on Greenwoods DNAwhat makes us, us. We have always been a small, supportive community where learning is personalized for every student, and that isnt changing. Our goal for the next five years is to build upon our strong foundation to bring a best-in-class whole student educational experience to even more students.We know that two of our new strategic imperativespromoting mental health and well-being, and creating a diverse, equitable and inclusive communityare especially important to many Greenwood alumni. In the coming months, we will share more information about how you can get involved in these imperatives, and how we hope they will positively impact the alumni experience.VENTURE FURTHER TOGETHERVISIONGreenwood will be a recognized leader inproviding an inclusive, customized, engaging andcharacter-building experience that prepares our students to make a positive difference in the world.MISSION Create a diverse,Develop a bold masterplanequitable, and inclusive to re-imagine GreenwoodsTo challenge, inspire, and support each student, within a welcomingcommunity that fosters acampus of the future community, to develop the knowledge, skills and character sense of belongingneeded to lead a fulfilling life and reachtheir full potential.Continue to lead in the Promote mental healthsmart use of technology and well-being as integralon and off campus to enableparts of Greenwoods cultureinnovative learning and experienceapproaches Inspire discoverythrough personalized experiential learningWe would like to thank our pioneer group for their interest andThe Greenwood alumni mentor network participation in our first rounds as we build the program. Thanks to theirenabled our organization to be paired efforts, we have built a strong foundation for our mentorship community.with talented individuals that we had We are continuing to grow and are excited for the expandingcondence would deliver a highly sought-Greenwood alumni network to flourish! after set of skills. The shared experience of How Can You Participate in Branching Out? being Greenwood grads leads to increased accountability to deliver both a challenging The program now has a permanent home on Greenwood Alumniyet fullling role (employer) and increased Connect, the schools new alumni hub (look under Mentorship). Weaccountability and performance (employee). encourage you to share your experience and expertise with youngerGerry Ranking 09, Manager, Loyalty, Canadiangrads as an alumni mentor. Youll grow your leadership skills by helpingTire Corporationyounger Greenwood grads find the best path forward at school or in their career, and you may also find new perspectives and fresh ideas. Sign up today at alumni.greenwoodcollege.org/mentorship.What About Internships?Greenwood connected me with many Alumni Connect can also facilitate internships. Alumni are encouragedalumni, including my now-boss, Gerry to post available internships; your fellow alumni can then contact you forRanking. Gerry and I had an initial further information.30-minute phone call to get to know eachIf you have any questions please feel free to reach out to the Greenwoodother and I told him what I was looking forAlumni Executive at greenwoodalumniexecutive@gmail.com.in my rst full-time job. He happened to behiring on his team and thought I could be aRegards, good t, so I continued on to the interviewRyan Boynton 08andAdam Brady 12 process and successfully landed the job!Internships/Networking Chairs Emily Bird 16, Loyalty Strategy Specialist,Greenwood Alumni Executive Canadian Tire CorporationGreenwood3'