b'THE WERNHAM-WEST SOCIETYMembers of the Wernham-West Society have donateda cumulative total of $100,000+ to the school.Susan Fisher and Firoz Ahmed The Moffat FamilyThe Berry Family Nancy McCain and Bill MorneauPatrick Brigham Stacey Henson-Murphy and Glenn MurphyThe Chapnik Family Kelly Grier and Miles NadalSue and Fred Dalley Natty and Mark NashmanAudrey and Jason DeZwirek Lucy Lawlor and Richard NesbittThe Fitzhenry Family Martine Bouchard and John OConnellYvonne and David Fleck The OGallagher FamilyMichle McCarthy and Peter Gooderham Lana and Eric PatonTiffaney Klein and Daniel Goodman Helen Braithwaite and Patrick PhillipsWendy and Barry Gordon Stephanie and David PictonLaurie and Barry Green The Pilosof FamilyLisa and Trent HenryThe Taylor Roy FamilyVirginia and Jake Herman Kim Samuel JohnsonCara and Roy Hewson The Schulich FoundationAnn-Marie and Kevin Hibbert The Sheff FamilyThe Main Hughes FamilyThe Shewfelt FamilyEstate of Beryl Ivey Samara Walbohm and Joseph ShlesingerSuzanne Ivey Cook and Dan Cook Anke and Kirk SimpsonThe Janes Family Donna and Gary SlaightMoti Jungreis Toby and Joey TanenbaumRonald Kimel and Family Margot Franssen and Quig TingleyThe Lang Family The Trachuk FamilyBarbara Mitton and Donald Lewtas The Uzumeri FamilyKaren Rice and Douglas Ludwig Noah Venn-Mitchell and FamilyColleen Campbell and Stuart MacGregor Barbara Palk and John WarwickThe Main Ellsmere Family Julia West and Richard WernhamCheryl and Robert McEwen WynfordMarie and Donald McFarlane and two anonymous donorsGloria and James McSherryGreenwood Annual Report 2020/2021 13'