b'4 Enhance our StudentAdviser ProgramThe value that Greenwoods Adviser program adds to our community was more evident than ever in 2020-2021. Our Advisers are experts in working with students at particular ages and stages and they provided a safe space for their advisees, ably supporting their academic, social-emotional and mental health needs throughout hybrid and online learning last year. They introduced initiatives and programming challenging their advisees to get moving, to talk to each other and to make connections. Advisers were also key in helping students manage online learning, acting as the first point of contact for students and families and meeting with advisees multiple times a week to provide guidance and support.In March 2021, we introduced Adviser conferences for all students. These Parent-Guardian/Teacher conferences focused on student participation in the Greenwood community and growth in moral, civic, intellectual and performance character, with parents/guardians and Advisers discussing next steps for student growth both within and beyond the classroom. Students also worked with their Advisers to create comments for the June 2021 Adviser reports; in these comments, they reflected on their growth over the school year and identified next steps for their continued growth.Greenwood Annual Report 2020/2021 6'