b'2 Manage the Transitionto Our New CampusWe have now fully settled into our renovated and expanded facility. However, we continue to take stock of our spaces and look for ways that they could be reimagined to provide additional functionality. For example, we added large breakout spaces to co-taught classrooms last year to better implement flexible grouping and to give co-teachers greater ability to customize their courses. Our new space was critical in light of the restrictions imposed by COVID-19. The large classrooms allowed us to safely hold classes of 15 students in Grades 9-12 while maintaining 2 metres of distance, and Grade 7 and 8 students were able to be in school every day while maintaining the required 1 metre of distance. This would not have been possible without our expanded building. We also made several temporary changes to the building as a result of the pandemic last year, including directional signage, sinks throughout the building and capacity limits.Greenwood Annual Report 2020/2021 4'