b'CHAIRS MESSAGEThe 2020-2021 school year was an exceptionally challenging one for schools, and Greenwood was no exception. Students, staff and families had to quickly adapt to a new reality: hybrid learning for Grade 9-12 students, limited co-curricular activities, multiple school closures and stringent public health protocols. Greenwoods staff and school leadership did an amazing job providing the best educational experience possible given these trying circumstances, but it was certainly not the year for which we had hoped.With that in mind, I was delighted that Greenwood was able to return to full-time in-school learning for all students this September, and to safely reintroduce many of the experiences that make Greenwood special. Seeing photographs of students dribbling up the basketball court, exploring the outdoors at camp and working collaboratively in the classroom has filled me with joy, and I know it has done the same for our community. I look forward to the continued reintroduction of co-curriculars and all that they will add to the student experience.The 2021-2022 school year also brought the launch of Venture Further Together, the schools strategic plan for 2021-2026. The Greenwood Board and the Schools leadership team continued to work with Level5 Strategy throughout 2020-2021 to build this Strategic Plan using feedback from students, staff, parents and alumni and research on best practices from educational institutions around the world. The implementation of many of the Plans new initiatives is already underway. Venture Further Together builds upon Greenwoods unique character and approach to education, and the implementation of the Plans initiatives will distinguish Greenwood and move the school forward with purpose.I am deeply grateful for the continued financial support from current and past parents, grandparents, alumni, staff and friends. That support makes it possible for Greenwood to continue to go above and beyond, and it will be critical in the implementation of Venture Further Together. Thank you.I would also like to sincerely thank Greenwoods principal, Sarah Bruce, and our staff for working tirelessly to keep students learning and engaged during the pandemic. I would also like to thank our volunteers and Board of Directors for giving generously of their time and expertise.I am very optimistic that the months to come will bring a further return to normalcy, and I know that the years to come will bring even more exciting opportunities for Greenwood students.Donald LewtasChair, Greenwood College School Board of DirectorsGreenwood Annual Report 2020/2021 2'