b'DONORSParent Participation by ClassCLASS OF 2021 (GRADE 12) Denisse and George Henry43% PARTICIPATION The Holmen FamilyThe Aber Family Wes JonesThe Agouri Family Sylvia Morais-Jones and Doug JonesSusan Fisher and Firoz Ahmed Carolyn and Eliot KolersSharon Neiss and Gordon Arbess Kristine and Bruce LacoCaroline and David Bain Ms. Brenda LazareJason, Jake and Jonah Blicker Lori and John LewittKurt Browning Jody LewtasLaurie Sheff and Jonathon Cole Jovanka and John MatovichSheila Allen and Tobin Davis Katie McCulloch and Bill McGillJennifer Baichwal and Nicholas De Pencier Marcia McLean and Sumit OberaiThe Navarro-Degiorgio Family Margaret Hudson and David RoganThe Douglas Family Jennifer and Scott RogersThe Ferrera Family Marla Burstyn and Michael SmythMarnie Smith and Michael Flux Piper Kerr and Brad SprouleThe Glickman Family Blake TurveyThe Gormely Family The Warner FamilyThe Graff Family Julie and Geoffrey WeissMichele and Gregory Haber and four anonymous donorsCLASS OF 2022 (GRADE 11) Virginia and Jake Herman34% PARTICIPATION Sandra and Scott HigginsThe Acton Family Moti JungreisJen Hastings and Shawn Aspden Shannon Morrison and James LoewenThe Bates Family Sarah and David MacdonaldLisa and Brian Burlacoff Marie Vasiliou and Alex ManiglioMegan Tate and John Byrne The Millar FamilyThe Cardinal Family Fabienne Moureaux and Graham MoyseyMaryse Roy and Peter Collibee Sarah Alexander and Mark PalmertSusan Rimmer and Marc Lana and Eric PatonDupuis-Dsormeaux Catherine Pearson and FamilyKaren and Chris Dutton Nicole and Brett PittsKatherine Beattie and Scott Gives Lindsay Rogan and John ScottLeigh-Anne Graham Lisa and Brian SinclairLisa and Trent Henry Pam and Ted WillcocksSandra and Graeme Hepworth and five anonymous donorsGreenwood Annual Report 2020/2021 17'