b'DONORScontinued.Parent Participation by ClassCLASS OF 2024 (GRADE 9) Belinda Matala and James Russell49% PARTICIPATION Lindsay Rogan and John ScottSusan and Drew Allen The Sims FamilyJill and Derek Amery The Sinclair FamilyJen Hastings and Shawn Aspden The Wilkin FamilyCaroline and David Bain Jing Zhang and Wenrong XuSherrie Berdusco and Helen Zhang and Xuefeng XuChristopher Blackwell and five anonymous donorsCameron Britt and Shevaun McGrathThe Campagna FamilyJeannie ClarkThe Coats FamilyAnouchka Freybe and Scott ConnellThe Douglas FamilyWendy Chong and Andrew EdgellCourtney and Warren FiremanLisa Engle and Jeff GlaizelThe Grevler FamilyDeborah HallThe Hamdy FamilyAnn-Marie and Kevin HibbertAndrea and Gavin IngramThe Jenkinson/Gien FamilyMandi and Kevin KimsaAlison Randall and Brian LangShannon Morrison and James LoewenSarah and David MacdonaldLeima and Dan MaglioccoThe Malone FamilyHillary and Ross MarshallNancy Gamble and Neil McLaughlinThe Muradali FamilyCatherine Pearson and FamilyMartha and Mike PedersenThe Polley FamilyMolly Finlay and Sam RobinsonThe Romanelli FamilyGreenwood Annual Report 2020/2021 19'