b'DONORS continued.PARENT PARTICIPATION BY CLASS PARENT PARTICIPATION BY CLASSCLASS OF 2023 (GRADE 11) CLASS OF 2024 (GRADE 10)44% PARTICIPATION 44% PARTICIPATIONSarah Bruce and Matthew Barry Susan and Drew Allen The Bender/Sirkis Family Jill and Derek Amery Jason, Jake and Jonah Blicker The Aspden FamilyHeather Budd Nancy and Rob BaillieAmy and Jeff Carter Shevaun McGrath and Cameron BrittThe Chong Family Jeannie ClarkBetsy Britnell and Andrew Clarke The Coats FamilySheila Allen and Tobin Davis Wendy Chong and Andrew EdgellThe Fleming Family Courtney and Warren FiremanFreeborough Family The Glaizel FamilyThe Glickman Family The Grevler FamilyThe Griffis Family The Hamdy FamilyThe Hollyoak Family Ann-Marie and Kevin HibbertThe Houston Family The Kay FamilyMeredith Morino and Adam Kafka The Kimsa FamilyKara and Bryan Kane Alison Randall and Brian LangFamily of Frankie Kerr Shannon Morrison and James LoewenThe Kimsa Family The Magliocco FamilyCarolyn and Eliot Kolers The Malone FamilyJillian Moffatt, Paul Kurvits and Family Hillary and Ross MarshallThe Kyroglou Family Nancy Gamble and Neil McLaughlinThe Moffat FamilyShelley and David MorettiThe OBrien FamilyThe Pearson Family Lisa and KC ParkerMike & Martha PedersenJennifer and Jason Peel The Polley Family Mary McKee and Chris PepperThe Rabbat Family The Popper FamilyMolly Finlay and Sam Robinson Roseann Greco and Michael RadosevicBelinda Matala and James Russell Carryn and John RuffoloLindsay Rogan and John Scott Tiara Hillis & Jeff Setterington Wei Shen Anke and Kirk SimpsonThe Sims Family Pam Goddard and Bill SniderThe Sinclair Family The Tylman and Maisel FamiliesThe Weldon FamilyKarrin Powys-Lybbe and Chris von Boetticher and four anonymous donorsThe Warrillows Risa Freeman and Evan WayneNadia Vattovaz and Chris Wormsbecher and five anonymous donorsGreenwood Annual Report 2021/2022 21'