b'CONTACTAll members of the Greenwood communitystudents, staff, teachers, parents, volunteers, donors and friendsare important to us. We have made everyeffort to ensure accuracy in our reporting. If there are errors or omissions,please accept our sincere apologies and contact the Advancement Office. Jamie Lougheed Executive Director, AdvancementT 416.545.5103jamie.lougheed@greenwoodcollege.orgGreenwood College School443 Mount Pleasant Road Toronto, ON M4S 2L8T 416.482.9811 greenwoodcollege.orgGreenwood is committed to protecting the privacy of all members of its community.When students register at Greenwood, parent information is shared within the school so that we can keep you informed through various publications, invite you to special events and involve you as volunteers and supporters. All information is kept in a confidential database and secure files. Under no circumstances do we share, sell or rent our student, parent/guardian and/or donor information. Access to this information is limited within the school to authorized persons who are required to actin accordance with our privacy standards, for school purposes only.For more information on our privacy policy, please contact Kelly Giannoccaro, Vice-Principal, Finance and Operations, or Jamie Lougheed, Executive Director, Advancement.The images and information presented in this report may not be used or reproduced without the permission of Greenwood College School.2021 Greenwood College School. All rights reserved. Greenwood, Greenwood College, Greenwood & Design, and Greenwood Grizzlies & Design are Trademarks of Greenwood College School.'