b'3 Address the Changing Needs of Students Across the GradesWe continued our work on diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging last year, ensuring that this work was tailored to each grades age and stage. This included workshops, in-class activities and incorporating ideas and concepts related to diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging into the curriculum. Recognizing that personalized learning also looks different at each age and stage, we made great strides in adapting the personalized delivery of course material based on grade level. Fluidity of assessment and evaluation became a larger focus last year; fluid assessment and evaluation practices allow students to demonstrate their ongoing learning and development of skills throughout a unit or course, and not just at the end with a traditional test.Effective self-advocacy is a skill we want to help every Greenwood student develop. Students need to know when to ask for help, and what type of help to ask for, to support their continued learning and growth. We worked on this skill with all students last year, teaching them how to look at their assessments and to determine what their next steps should be based on their results. We also introduced the Leveled Assessment program, in which Grade 7 students received levels, rather than grades, on their progress reports. Research demonstrates that when a leveled grading system is used, students are more intrinsically motivated and more open to receiving and acting on feedback to support growth.Greenwood Annual Report 2020/2021 5'