b'5 Educate our Communityon the Core Principlesof Well-BeingLast year saw the appointment of Greenwoods first Director of Student Well-being, Kathryn Connelly. Kathryn worked throughout the school year to develop programming for both students and staff that focused on supporting mental, physical and emotional well-being. Well-being lessons and practices were integrated into classroom lesson cycles and became an integral part of classes. Advisers also implemented lessons designed by School Mental Health Ontario in partnership with the Ontario Physical and Health Education Association; the focus of these lessons was providing educators and students with tools to promote wellness during challenging times, support student mental health and encourage help-seeking when a mental health problem arises. We welcomed many external speakers into the school virtually to speak to staff, students and parents, including education and well-being expert Dr. David Tranter. In November 2020, we launched our MOVEmber initiative, which promoted the benefits of movement and physical health to our community (and which we repeated in 2021-2022). Kathryn also supported staff throughout the year with ongoing well-being professional development and initiatives such as a movement challenge and online fitness classes. Finally, we hired Shai Kohen, our new full-time social worker, in Spring 2021; Shai began work this September.Greenwood Annual Report 2020/2021 7'