b'4 Continue to Lead in the Smart Use of Technology On and Off Campus to Enable Innovative Learning ApproachesWere committed to continuing to use technology to explore new ideas, spark creativity and promote positive student and staff connections. Progress in this area last year included:Evaluating current resources to determine where enhancementsare needed: Technology must adapt to student and staff needs to be effective. We researched and piloted A/V technology, such as telepresence robots and microphones for classrooms, to enhance hybrid teaching last year. Developing a draft framework/checklist for a modular unit/course: We began to explore leveraging our technology to offer modular digital courses for Greenwood students and potentially for external students. We developed a draft framework for what a digital module could look like and began to determine which subjects and courses would be the best fit for this format.Monitoring and sharing research and best practices: We continued tomonitor the teaching and learning landscape to identify new ideas and best practices that might be integrated into Greenwoods approach. This process linked us with thinkers including Dr. Elka Walsh, the National Learning & Skills Lead for Microsoft Canada, who delivered a session for parents and guardians on the connection between curiosity and deeper learning for teens.Greenwood Annual Report 2021/2022 8'