b'DONORScontinued.Parent Participation by ClassCLASS OF 2023 (GRADE 10) Sheila Allen and Tobin Davis44% PARTICIPATION Rebecca Goldfarb and Paul DeeganClare and Steve Andersons The Fleming FamilySarah Bruce and Matthew Barry The Glickman FamilyThe Bender/Sirkis Family The Gormely FamilyJason, Jake and Jonah Blicker The Griffis FamilyHeather Budd Les and Stacee GroberThe Chong Family Martha McCall and Tom HeintzmanJeannie Clark The Hollyoak FamilyBetsy Britnell and Andrew Clarke Karen and Doug HoustonThe Clarke Family Family of Frankie KerrMandi and Kevin KimsaCarolyn and Eliot KolersJillian Moffatt, Paul Kurvits and FamilyLori and John LewittThe Moffat FamilyThe OBrien FamilyLisa and KC ParkerJennifer and Jason PeelMary McKee and Chris PepperThe Popper FamilyThe SamuelsTiara Hillis & Jeff SetteringtonMark ShapiroAnke and Kirk SimpsonPam Goddard and Bill SniderMolly Pocklington and George ThompsonTanja and Keith ThomsonThe Tylman and Maisel FamiliesKarrin Powys-Lybbe and Chris von BoetticherThe WarrillowsRisa Freeman and Evan WayneNadia Vattovaz and Chris WormsbecherGuangkai Wu and Guoxiang Zhangand five anonymous donorsGreenwood Annual Report 2020/2021 18'